College Consulting Services

It is our specialty to represent and assist competitive student & athletes looking to attend college, be recruited and receive athletic and/or academic scholarships.

We are very proud that our success rate has been 100%, and that since 1995 over 1400 USP clients have been successfully placed in prestigious colleges across the USA. Click Here to see our Alumni List.

Our expertise, knowledge and networking power with over 2000 colleges has also been a large part of our success.

Any student & athlete interested in working with USP must first go through a personal assessment and evaluation session that will help us determine their athletic competitive level, as well as to learn more about their personal and academic goals. The first step is to fill out our online application. Click Here

Our College Consulting Services are all individually designed to meet each client’s specific needs. We take in account their academic and athletic profile, personal interests, family financial requirements, college entrance term, among many other criteria.

USP College Consulting Services offers:

  • Educating and helping students and parents understand all aspects of College Sports and Athletic Recruiting
  • The development of a comprehensive and effective College Planner that includes all academic and athletic aspects of the recruiting process.
  • Complying with all Academically and Amateurism Eligibility requirements for all college athletic associations and divisions
  • The research and building the best College list that matches the Client’s profile and needs.
  • Developing and executing an effective presentation and communication strategies with college coaches
  • Increase the opportunities of receiving Athletic and/or Academic Scholarships, as well as many other financial aid opportunities
  • Planning and coordinating attendance to the best recruiting events such as showcases, tournaments, and try outs, as well as college visits.
  • Assistance during the entire college application and admissions

 Can you become a USP Client?

Our client profile is a Middle and High School student who:

  • Has high goals for their academic and athletic future
  • Is serious about his/her sport and trains and competes year round
  • Wants to compete at the collegiate level
  • Would like to consider a future career in professional sports
  • Would like to receive some type of Athletic and/or Academic Scholarship