College Video Production

A College Video becomes a very important first impression. It can generate great attention, but also drive coaches away from recruiting you. You must make sure it is done right!

Here are some facts:

  • You will not be able to fool a coach by producing a perfected edited video.
  • Most college coaches will never make a final decision just on your video.
  •  If a coach likes your video, he or she will be motivated to take the next step.
  • Many good players have lost recruiting opportunities by producing a wrong video
  • Coaches do not have much time to spend on your video.

Three keys to an effective video:

  1. It must show in a condensed way, your best true talent and potential
  2. It must be credible just like if the coach was watching you play “live”
  3. Forget about a “Hollywood Production”. Must show what coaches need to see.

Our Video Production Team

USP College Video Department has 21 years of experience producing hundreds of tennis and golf recruiting videos the way college coaches need it. Over the years, with the advice of college coaches, we have perfected our videos, and know exactly what they want to see.


Our College Video Services includes:

  • On site Filming by a professional video expert
  • High quality HD camera and audio
  • Professional Editing under USP Coaches guidelines for a credible video
  • Uploading to You Tube or providing the video file

For more information, costs and to schedule an appointment CONTACT US