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"Studying and practicing sports is an excellent combination to become a great athlete...and a better person. This book is an invaluable publication to find out what to do to earn an athletic college scholarship. I recommend its reading for students, athletes, parents, coaches and anyone interested in this important topic"
- Miguel Crespo, International Tennis Association, Player Development Department

 “7 Steps to Win a College Athletic Scholarship” 

One of the most comprehensive and practical guides that takes you step by step on how to be recruited and receive scholarship offers.

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Every year, colleges across the USA offer over 175,000 scholarships
in 23 different sports. One of these scholarships can be yours!

With the “7 Steps to Win a College Athletic Scholarship” Thomas Anderson will teach you:

  • How to evaluate your own talent and chances to be recruited
  • Use effective methods to capture the college coach interest
  • How to increase your chances in receiving athletic scholarship offers
  • To select among 2000 colleges those that are the best fit for you
  • How to close the deal

It includes a complete Appendix section with:

  • A list of all colleges that offer athletic programs
  • Top colleges for each sport
  • Templates for your resume, email or letters, etc.
  • How to produce an effective college athletic video
  • And much more…